Toolxprez is creating a digitally enabled experience in procuring industrial products. Indian Industrial product supply market is fragmented and unorganized, without any digitization and technology.

50% time of purchase or procurement departments of Manufacturing companies goes in Searching vendors or products, talking to vendors, following up with them, arranging delivery etc. Toolxprez will digitize the traditional procurement process.

About Us

Who we are

Toolxprez is a B2B e-commerce platform making procuring industrial products fast and easy for manufacturing companies in Urban and Rural areas.

Toolxprez is bringing digital transformation in procuring industrial products in manufacturing companies

We live in the digital world, where everything is digitized including transport, groceries, food etc. But the procurement process in manufacturing companies still follow the traditional way of procuring industrial products, which is time consuming. The problem we are solving is the delay in procuring industrial products due to scattered vendors, communication gap and long manual process.

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Vision and Mission

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Why you should buy from us

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50% of time is saved

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30% of procurement is saved

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20% of Inventory cost

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No need to manage more than 1 vendor

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Get technical info on products

Client Testimonials

Looking to buy industrial products, don’t worry send us a mail or call us we will take care of everything